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3.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery(CA180) for Italian customer

» Our Projects » 3.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery(CA180) for Italian customer

3.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery(CA180) for Italian customer

December 29, 2020

3.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery(CA180) for Italian customer

We received the inquiry from this Italian customer at about one o’clock in the morning.

First, we confirmed some details of battery with him. The customer told us that he wants to DIY a 24V 200ah battery pack , so he needed to purchase 8pcs 3.2v 200ah lifepo4 batteries. The first question the customer asked was about transportation. “How do you ship them to Italy?” We told him that there are two ways to ship the lithium batteries.As the two ways of shipping are quite different, we compared the shipping cost, shipping time and customs duties of each shipping way for the customer in details. He checked and said express was better .

After discussing the transportation, the customer asked two questions about the product: “Are they Grade A? Will they be tested before delivery? ” These are common concerns of most customers. We sent him some real photos of our products, told him that we have them in stock and it can be delivered very soon. The original testing report and part of the data sheet was also sent to assuage his misgivings. In addition, we sent him some videos of our batteries. It shows that all our products are A grade ,the three data(Voltage , Inner Resistance and Capacity) are consistence, so the battery pack will be worked very well.

The customer finally paid the order by T/T, but required us to put a note of his name beside the batteries and took a new testing videos for him . We did as he required and sent him the video. He was satisfied. The package was shipped to him quickly. He said” your batteries are really nice, we will order next time”.

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