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300wh/kg+6C Fast Charge: CALB Ultrahigh Power cylinder battery cell

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300wh/kg+6C Fast Charge: CALB Ultrahigh Power cylinder battery cell

April 11, 2023

300wh/kg+6C Fast Charge:

CALB Ultrahigh Power cylinder battery cell

CALB released a new product for the first time – Ultrahigh Power cylinder battery cell. This product is another innovation based on CALB’s One-Stop (it is abbreviated as “OS”. ) minimalist design. The battery adopts the industry’s first “U” structure, which reduces the internal resistance of the structure by 50% and achieves an energy density of 300Wh/kg, realizing 6C+ fast charging and achieving a significant improvement in battery performance compared to traditional cylindrical batteries.

4680 large cylindrical battery by Tesla in 2020 officially proposed. Solve the problem of internal resistance and heat generation after the increase of the volume of cylindrical battery through the tables structure technology to meet the performance requirements such as high energy density and fast charging power. Although the tabless structure technology solves the problem of current path, the current flow path is still relatively long by using the cell shell as the path, and the shell itself is steel, and the conductivity of steel is not excellent. Based on this, the CALB’s Ultrahigh Power large cylindrical battery has come out of a completely different technical route.

Through structural innovation, the Ultrahigh Power battery cell adopts integrated assembly technology to create an integrated flow collection plate with the pole lug directly connected to the top.Compared with the tabless structure battery, the Ultrahigh Power battery achieves a 70% reduction in current flow path, 27% reduction in ACR, 40% reduction in DCR, 50% reduction in structural internal resistance, and 3% improvement in space utilization. It is also thanks to the structural innovation that the manufacturing efficiency of the battery has been significantly improved.In terms of chemical system innovation, CALB has revolutionized the design of fast-charging systems through its original electrolyte technology. Systematically lead the development of fast charging technology from material to structure.


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