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College students came to visit our company

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College students came to visit our company

March 28, 2023

College students came to visit our company

With the rapid development of the lithium battery industry, many schools have opened lithium battery-related majors. Our company is honored to be selected as a practical training base for this profession, contributing to the development of the industry and the training of talents.

Recently, more than one hundred students from several colleges visited our company. The tour was part of an ongoing effort to expose students to the drive for a clean energy transition.

During the visit, the students gained an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process of lithium batteries and lithium battery modules. They learned about the raw materials used, the manufacturing equipment involved, and the stringent quality control measures that ensure safety and reliability.

“We were glad to have the opportunity to visit the lithium battery module factory,” said one of the students.” It was fascinating to see how these batteries are made and to learn about the role they play in the transition to clean energy. We also got to meet some of the engineers and technicians working there and hear about their experiences in this exciting field.”

The visit was also an opportunity for the students to gain insight into the broader context of the energy transition. They learned about the critical role lithium batteries play in integrating renewable energy into the grid and the career opportunities available in this fast-growing industry.

Our company believes it is important to expose students to the technology and innovation behind the clean energy transition. By exposing them to real-life examples like the lithium battery factory, we hope to inspire them to pursue a career in this field and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The tour was a great success and the students left with a clearer and deeper understanding of the lithium battery industry. We look forward to organizing more tours and educational opportunities for students in the future.

Education is key to driving progress in the clean energy transition, and our company is proud to contribute to the education industry.

LYTH is committed to supporting education and giving back to the community. In addition to organizing visits like this one, our company also works with local schools to provide internship opportunities for graduating students to support them in applying theoretical knowledge from books to practical work, gaining valuable work experience, improving their employability and showing them the direction for their career planning.


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