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Forklift battery replacement

December 23, 2020

Forklift battery replacement:

Replace the lead-acid battery with lithium battery for forklifts of the largest bearing manufacturers in China

With the increasing market requirement of lithium electric forklift, lithium electric forklift has become the trend. Recently, our company(Luoyang TianHuan Energy technology Co., LTD) cooperated with Luoyang LYC Automobile Bearing Technology Co. LTD to undertake the project of replacing the old lead-acid battery with lithium iron phosphate battery for hundreds of forklifts.

Luoyang LYC Automobile Bearing Technology Co. LTD is the largest scale comprehensive bearing manufacturing enterprises in China. It has a state-recognized technology center and core technologies such as bearings for rail transit vehicles and bearings for major equipment.

A month ago, LYC invites our company to participate in the bidding of the forklift battery replacement project.LYC has hundreds of forklifts. Their forklifts used lead-acid batteries, Some of the lead-acid batteries were swollen and leaking fluid and could not be charged. They need to replace lithium-ion batteries with lead-acid batteries. Our company participated in the bidding process of LYC. After two rounds of price comparison, our company won the bid.










We made a lithium-ion battery pack and installed it into a forklift as a test. Now the test forklift has been running for a month, LYC gave us good feedback. They said the test result was much better than they think.

They said: ‘In terms of discharge performance, Lithium-ion battery pack is much better than the lead-acid battery, which provides more power and can lift more heavy cargo. In terms of charging time, Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged much faster than lead-acid batteries and save a lot of charging time. (Regarding the difference between them, you could read the other article:LiFePO4 battery vs. lead-acid battery for reference.)

Later we will make preparations for the replacement of the other forklifts. We advocate green development, lithium-ion battery instead of lead-acid battery is an inevitable trend.

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