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L148N58A 3.7v 58Ah NMC batteries to USA

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L148N58A 3.7v 58Ah NMC batteries to USA

June 15, 2021

L148N58A 3.7v 58Ah NMC batteries to USA

High energy density is the biggest advantage of NMC batteries, and the voltage platform is an important indicator of battery energy density, which determines the basic efficiency and cost of the battery. The higher the voltage plateau, the higher the specific capacity, so the same volume, weight, or even the same ampere-hour battery, NMC battery with higher voltage platform has a longer range. Single NMC battery discharge voltage platform up to 3.7V, lithium iron phosphate is 3.2V, while lithium titanate is only 2.3V, Therefore, from the perspective of energy density, NMC batteries have an absolute advantage over lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate or lithium titanate. Therefore, NMC batteries are often used in the field of electric vehicles.

This time, the customer purchased some 3.7v 58ah NMC batteries. We select the right battery according to the customer’s needs, and then welding the bolts with the laser welding machine.

After testing no problem, we start packing. First, the positive and negative poles of each battery are wrapped in an insulating sleeve, and then packed into a cardboard box. Each battery in the carton is individually separated by a paper card and secured to prevent shaking in transit. Each carton is then topped with insulation board and shock absorbing pearl cotton. Finally these cartons will be put into a wooden box. The final shipping will be done in wooden boxes.

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