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Reggiatura del modulo batteria al litio, Nastro in PET o nastro in acciaio?

» Il nostro blog » Lithium battery module strapping, Nastro in PET o nastro in acciaio?

Reggiatura del modulo batteria al litio, Nastro in PET o nastro in acciaio?

Maggio 16, 2024

Reggiatura del modulo batteria al litio, Nastro in PET o nastro in acciaio?

The rapid development of new energy lithium battery technology to the energy storage, automotive, photovoltaic and other markets has brought great industry opportunities. As an energy storage or power supply lithium battery module is one of the pillars.

Attualmente, the bundling method of lithium battery module is mostly stacked extrusion, and the materials used are mainly PET tape and steel tape.

Steel tape

Steel tape is a narrow strip packaging material with high tensile strength and certain elongation.

Generally used as a towing and carrying member of a belt conveyor, and also for bundling goods, steel belts are narrow and long steel strips. Steel tape is generally supplied in coils, which has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, easy processing and material saving. Steel belts are widely used in the steel, non-ferrous metal, petrochemical, construction and glass industries.

PET tape

PET tape is 6 times longer than steel tape for the same weight. The smooth surface and edges of the PET tape make it easy to handle without gloves, in both bundling and unpacking. PET tape has a melting point of 260 degrees Celsius, and its flame retardant grade can also reach V0, also ideal for lithium battery module strapping and packing tape. At the same time PET tape can reduce packaging costs by 60-80%.

PET tape vs Steel tape

There are various options for PET tape baler tools, there are electric balers and pneumatic balers, both of which are very lightweight and easy to operate, with one-touch operations such as tensioning, locking, and cutting of straps.

The steel tape needs to be shaped and processed in advance to form a metal frame of fixed length and width, and then bundled and reinforced for the battery module with the cooperation of the assembly equipment.

Most lithium battery module manufacturers will choose PET tape as the battery module strapping. One of the most important points is that PET tape can realize hot-melt joint buckles and use buckle-free locking. Steel tape need steel buckles, once the use of steel buckles locking, the formation of arches or protrusions in the strapping, the battery module buried a certain amount of security risks.

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