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NMC battery cells 3.7v 58ah to Switzerland

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NMC battery cells 3.7v 58ah to Switzerland

November 11, 2021

NMC battery cells 3.7v 58ah to Switzerland

We recently received an inquiry from a customer in Switzerland. It`s about 3.7v 58ah NMC battery cells. The customer is in the business of machinery-related products. He needs high energy density, flexible size of NMC battery cells to form a module to be used inside the machinery and equipment. We gave him the relevant product information and the customer decided to buy some samples for testing first.
The individual weight of the 3.7v 58ah NMC battery cell ordered this time is 0.926kg. Packed in UN cartons. The total of 14 pcs plus packaging is 16kg. It is sent by UPS and arrives in about 12 working days.

Now that we are nearing Christmas, shipments are growing day by day. So whether by sea, air or express, there can be long waits in the queue and the associated shipping prices are constantly changing. If you have any purchase demand in the near future, please consult us in time, we will give you the most competitive price and the best transportation solution to ensure the timely delivery of your goods.


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