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24V 48Ah robot lithium battery for a high-tech company

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24V 48Ah robot lithium battery for a high-tech company

January 22, 2021

A robot, a machine that can do its job automatically. After centuries of development, robotics research has made great progress in automation and intelligence, playing an increasingly important role in modern production and life.

According to the report. It is expected that by 2021, the annual sales of service robots in China will exceed 30 billion yuan, of which the promotion of patrol robots in China is increasing. And patrol robots to ensure long-term work, you need to choose a large capacity, the strong safety performance of the battery.

Our company designed the robot lithium battery pack, which can provide strong power by integrating safety, long life, large capacity, and fast charging.

Recently, our company designed the lithium iron phosphate battery management system – 24v 48Ah robot lithium battery for a top 50 high-tech company in China (as some robots are still in the design stage, we have signed a confidentiality agreement and do not show the company name here), provided test samples for patrol robots, and the company’s technical expert replied that our battery pack passed the test and placed an order with us for 225 sets of robotic lithium batteries for the patrol robots.

The technologist showed us some of the robots. He said that the patrol robot is not a clone of a human being, but a completely different being. It has unlimited energy and can patrol 24 hours a day, day and night, without rest. The emergence of patrol robots tells users the fact that a security service product unimaginable in the past security market has appeared, which mixes security equipment and security personnel into one, a real security service upgrade!

Our company has advanced highly automated battery production equipment; professional battery R&D and design team; integrated service capability from cell customization + BMS design + structure design + battery PACK; complete battery product certification qualification, able to develop wireless charging module and charge management module (DC-DC); can be customized according to demand.

Our company is also very proud of customizing lifepo4 battery packs for patrol robots.

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