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280Ah LiFePo4 Battery Comparison: CATL vs. EVE vs. LISHEN vs. REPT

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280Ah LiFePo4 Battery Comparison: CATL vs. EVE vs. LISHEN vs. REPT

August 5, 2022

280Ah LiFePo4 Battery Comparison:  CATL vs. EVE vs. LISHEN vs. REPT

In recent years, the 280ah lifepo4 battery has become the mainstream of the energy storage market because of its high capacity and high cycle life. Lithium ion battery manufacturers have also launched 280ah capacity lifepo4 battery cells. Today we’ll compare a few common 280ah batteries.


CATL is one of the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China and one of Tesla’s suppliers, with a high reputation and unquestionable strength. His battery prices are naturally at a higher level. However, due to the global new energy market boom, there are especially many large electric vehicle and energy storage companies cooperating with CATL, resulting in a tight supply from CATL, and companies usually have to sign orders for a long time before they can get the batteries. CATL batteries of A grade are generally produced to supply directly to large car companies, etc. It is difficult to get A-grade CATL batteries in the market for small scale or retail, most of them are B-grade or used batteries.

The following is the specific data of CATL 3.2v 280ah lifepo4 battery cell:

Typical capacity280 Ahstandard charge and

discharge procedure

Typical Energy896 Whstandard charge and

discharge procedure

Operating voltage2.5~3.65V 2.0~3.65VCell temperature T>0°C        Cell temperature T≤0°C
Impedance (1KHz)0.17±0.05mΩFresh cell (40%SOC)
Shipping capacity112±1Ah40% SOC
Residual capacity lossPer month ≤3.0%Fresh cell after 3month, 40%SOC, 25±2°C storage
Operating temperature (charging)0~60°C
Cell Weight5.34±0.30Kg
Storage Temp.-30~60°CStorage ambient humidity < 85% ROH, no condensation
Typical dimension (W*H*T)(Width):173.9±0.8mm (Height):207.2±0.8mm (Thickness):71.7±0.8mmThickness with compression force (300±20 Kgf), Height with Terminal
Rest SOC≥5%SOC interval without load or charging
Cycle performance≥6000Cycles25±2°C, cycle test by the standard charge and discharge method under 300±20Kgf preload
Cycle fading≤5%25±2°C, cycle test by the standard charge and discharge method under 300±20Kgf preload for 180 cycles
Storage fading≤5%25±2°C, standard charging to 100% SOC storage under 300±20Kgf preload for six month
Standard charge voltageCell max voltage 3.65V
Standard charge temperature25±2°CCell Temperature
Absolute charging temperature (Cell Temperature)0~60°CNo matter what charge mode the battery is in, stop charging once the cell temperature exceeds absolute charge temperature range.
Absolute charging voltageMax 3.65VNo matter what charge mode the battery is in, stop charging once the cell voltage exceeds absolute charge voltage.

For more detailed data, please check PDF: CATL 280Ah LiFePO4 Battery Specification.



The most popular 280ah lifepo4 battery cell sold on the market is the LF280 from EVE. EVE  is also one of the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China. Their 280ah battery cell is also the main product of the manufacturer and was widely praised by customers once it was launched. After that, the manufacturer upgraded the product, making the cycle life of the battery cell from 3500times to 6000times. And set the 280ah battery according to the use of different versions of models. The specific differences between the different models can be found at: What is the difference between EVE LF280 and LF280K? The manufacturer has since launched a larger capacity 304ah cell, with an actual capacity of around 320ah, which is also selling very well. About this battery can be found at 304Ah battery cell.

The following is the specific data of EVE LF280K 3.2v 280ah lifepo4 battery cell:

Nominal Capacity280Ah(25±2)℃,Standard charge

and discharge

Typical Voltage3.2v
AC Impedance Resistance(1KHz)≤0.25 mΩ
Standard charge and dischargeCharge / discharge current0.5 C/0.5 C
Cut off voltage of charge / discharge3.65 V/2.5 V
Maximum charge / discharge currentContinuous charge / discharge1 C/1 CAccording to continuous / pulse charge and discharge ammeters
Pulse charge / discharge (30s)2 C/2 C
Recommended scope of SOC10%~90%
Charging Temperature0 ℃~55 ℃According to continuous / pulse charge and discharge ammeters
Discharging Temperature-20 ℃~55 ℃
Storage temperatureShort term (within 1 month)-20℃~45℃
Long term (within 1 year)0℃~35℃
Storage humidity range<90%
Self-discharge rate per month≤3%/monthTemperature:(25±2)℃, Storage scope of SOC: 30%~50%SOC
DimensionWidth173.7 ±0.5 mm
Thickness (under 300±20 kgf , 30%~40% SOC )72.0 ±1.0 mm
Average thickness (200 pcs, under 300±20 kgf , 30%~40% SOC )72.0 ±0.5 mm
High(total)207.5 ±0.5 mm
High(subject)204.6 ±0.5 mm
Tabs Distance123.0±0.3 mm
Battery weight5.42±0.3 kg
cycle life at 25℃≥6000 cycle @0.5C/0.5CUnder the 300kgf clamp, after standard charged and 30mins rest, discharge to 2.5V cutoff with the current of 0.5C(A) at (25±2) ℃, and then start the next cycle,end with the capacity decreasing to 80% of the Initial capacity. The number of cycles is defined as the cycle life of the battery.

For more detailed data, please check PDF: EVE LF280K 280ah lifepo4 battery specification.

If you need to purchase this product, please be sure to note whether you are purchasing an A-grade battery. A-grade cells are shipped with a finished product shipment report and a detailed battery data sheet. The battery data sheet records detailed data on each battery. Each battery will have a QR code on it, which is equivalent to the battery’s ID card, and the QR code corresponds to the battery data sheet one by one so that you know exactly what information is available about each battery. The finished product shipment report contains information such as Material S/N, order No. and Inspection date, which also corresponds to the information on the outer packaging of the battery.

EVE is now also putting the letter B on the QR code of recently shipped B grade batteries in order to distinguish between A grade and B grade batteries.As shown in the picture:

If there is no mark on the QR code, then there is a 50% chance that it is an A grade product, as there are some recycled and used A grade products on the market. These are usually products that have been used and are about to be phased out, with a much reduced number of cycle life. Much lower in price than A-grade batteries. To prevent safety hazards, we recommend that you pay attention to the above when purchasing. Choose A-grade batteries with finished product shipment report and battery data sheet.



LISHEN is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property core technology, specializing in the technological development, production and operation of lithium-ion batteries and power batteries. LISHEN does not currently have a 280ah cell, but he does have one close to this capacity: 3.2v 272ah lifepo4 battery cell. This battery cell is also currently selling well in the market. Because this cell has less capacity than the 280ah, the price per cell will also be slightly lower than the first two.

The following is the specific data of LISHEN 3.2v 272ah lifepo4 battery cell:

Cell TypeLithium -ion power cell
Cell ModelLP71173207-272Ah
Nominal Capacity272Ah(The NEW BATTERY)
Nominal Voltage3.2V
Maximum Charge Current at Room


1.0I1(Continuous) 2I1 (60s)
Charging Voltage3.65V
Maximum Discharge Current at Room


1.0I1(Continuous) 2I1 (60s)
Discharge End Voltage2.5V(>0℃)、2.0V(≤0℃)
Max Charging Temperature Range0℃ ~ 65℃
Max Discharging Temperature Range-35℃ ~ 65℃
Optimal Charging Temperature Range15℃ ~ 35℃
Optimal Discharging Temperature Range15℃ ~ 35℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~ 45℃(1 month)
-20℃ ~ 35℃ (6 months)
*Cells should be stored at 20%SOC-40%SOC or the voltage is between 3.275V and 3.305V.
Cycle Life at Room Temperature3500th Discharge Capacity

≥80% Nominal Capacity

For more detailed data, please check PDF: LISHEN 272ah lifepo4 battery specification.



REPT was established in 2017 and is the first company to invest in the new energy sector in combination with the rich mineral resources of Castle Peak Industries. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of power/energy storage lithium-ion battery monoblocks to system applications, focusing on providing quality solutions for new energy vehicle power and smart power storage. REPT also has its own 280ah battery cell, its specifications are similar to those of several other battery cells.

The following is the specific data of LISHEN 3.2v 272ah lifepo4 battery cell:

Typical Capacity≥280Ah (0.5C)25±2℃
Typical Voltage3.2C
Operating Voltage0℃~55℃:2.5-3.65V


Standard Discharging Current140A25±2℃
Maximum Continuous

Discharging Current

Maximum Discharging Current560A@60s,SOC ≥20%
Standard Charging Current140A25±2℃
Maximum Continuous Charging


Maximum Charging Current560A@60s,SOC ≤80%
Operating TemperatureCharge : 0℃~55℃ Discharge : -30℃~55℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~60℃
Typical DimensionThickness: 71.7±0.50mm Width: 174.00±0.50mm Shoulder Height : 204.40±0.60mm       Total Height : 206.80±0.60mm@3000±200N,


Cathode MaterialLiFeO4
Cell Weight5.40±0.15kg
Energy Density166Wh/kg
Standard Charging Method


In an ambient temperature of

25±5℃, battery is charged with

constant current of 0.5I1(A) until

3.65V. Then it is charged at a

constant voltage of 3.65V until the

current is less than 0.05I1(A),and

rest one hour.

Cycle Life1.Test temperature: 25±2℃.

2.Under 300±20 Kgf preload

3.CC at 0.5I1(A) to 3.65V &CV at 3.65V,terminal current at 0.05I1(A) and stand by 30min.

4.Discharge with a current at 0.5I1(A) to 2.5V and stand by 30min.

5.Cycle step 2. and 3. until capacity loss is more than 20% and record cycle number.

Cycle number≥6000 times

For more detailed data, please check PDF: REPT 280ah lifepo4 battery specification.

As we can see from the above data, the size and weight of these cells do not differ much, so if you do not have particularly strict requirements in this area, you can choose a suitable cell according to other aspects. In terms of capacity, LISHEN has a lower capacity than the other 3 models, so customers who need a slightly lower capacity than 280ah can choose this model. Looking at cycle life, the LISHEN cell has a cycle life of over 3500 times under standard conditions, while the other 3 models have over 6000 times.

While focusing on the quality of the battery, we can choose the cells we need based on these data. If you have a need in this area or other questions you can also contact us, we will certainly provide you with a good price and good service to customize your battery solution.

P.S.: Faced with the massive demand for high-capacity batteries, CALB is also likely to launch lifepo4 batteries of around 280ah.

Update: CALB has now launched 280ah lifepo4 battery cells, its cycle life is 9,000 times.

This battery data please click the following link: CALB 280Ah.


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