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CALB Debuts OS Hi-Mn LXFP Battery

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CALB Debuts OS Hi-Mn LXFP Battery

September 1, 2022

CALB Debuts OS Hi-Mn LXFP Battery

On August 28th, CALB delivered a keynote speech on “OS Hi-Mn LXFP Battery” at the 2022 WNEVC and announced the industry first launch of OS Hi-Mn LXFP Battery.

The battery is based on the underlying innovation of high manganese lithium iron material, combined with the previously released One-Stop minimalist battery technology, and also equipped with the latest TPP2.0 technology at the system level, ultimately achieving a new breakthrough in various dimensions such as cost, safety, range, maintenance, and recycling.

It has the following characteristics:

1. Better Security.

The battery is based on TPP2.0 industry-first thermoelectric separation technology, which enhances the robustness of system safety.

TPP2.0 technology adopts the industry’s first thermoelectric separation design, so that the thermal runaway pressure relief space and the electrical space are effectively divided to avoid short-circuiting of high-voltage electrical appliances caused by ejected materials, while the space is integrated with greater ground clearance, the probability of bumping the bottom is smaller and the safety performance is higher.

2. Economical.

The use of precious metals, including nickel, cobalt and lithium, has been significantly reduced, helping users to get a lower cost of purchase for the same mileage. On the other hand, based on the optimized design of OS Hi-Mn LXFP battery at the system level, more convenient and low-cost maintenance and replacement can be achieved, which can reduce the after-sales maintenance cost by 75%.

3. Performance Experience.

The new battery system has an energy density of 180Wh/kg, with an energy density retention rate of over 80%; the higher energy density supports electric vehicles to reach a range of 700km, covering a larger range of models and allowing both charging and switching modes.

4. Environmental Protection.

Compared with other technical routes, CALB’s OS Hi-Mn LXFP battery can also achieve higher recycling efficiency and promote sustainable development of power batteries through efficient recycling of battery materials.

In addition to the OS Hi-Mn LXFP battery released this time, Sinovation will also release 350wh/kg high nickel multiple batteries, 4C fast charging batteries, 6C fast charging cylindrical batteries and 400wh/kg semi-solid state batteries, all-solid state batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries and other new system batteries one after another.

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