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  • 25.6V 100Ah Wall-mounted Home Energy Storage System

    LiFePO4 battery pack

    The home energy storage battery pack has a built-in BMS, can be adapted to a wide range of brands of inverters and supports a variety of communication methods. Certification with msds, un38.3, ce, etc.It has been exported in large quantities to countries in Africa, Europe and South East Asia. As a high volume manufacturer, we will give you the most competitive prices with guaranteed quality.For more real pictures and videos of our products (including production, delivery, testing, certificates, data and cooperation with customers, etc.) please contact us. Let our batteries power your business!

    • Specifications

    25.6V 100Ah Wall-mounted Home Energy Storage System

    Immerse in the ultimate power experience with LYTH-EES, our lithium ion battery system that elegantly merges functionality with design. Equipped with an LCD display for real-time monitoring of energy data and operational status, this system ensures optimum safety with a high-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery known for deep cycling and longevity. Rounded edges mitigate the risk of accidental collisions, while an external main switch helps lower power consumption and enhance safety.

    With an in-built BMS, our product boasts protective features against overvoltage, overload, and overheating. It supports parallel connection up to 16 modules and is compatible with different types of loads within the voltage range.

    With its sleek design and LCD display, the LYTH-EES lithium battery system is ready for immediate installation with cables and accessories. Embrace partnerships from all around the world; we offer OEM design with your logo!

    The LYTH-EES LFP battery series, with over 6000 deep cycles and Grade A LFP battery core, is widely applied in both residential and commercial solar systems.Choose LYTH-EES for your power needs – a green, efficient, and reliable choice for your business!


    Battery pack datesheet




    Nominal Voltage3.2 V
    Dimension49.9x 160x 118.5mm






    Combination Method8S1P
    CapacityNominal Capacity: 100Ah
    VoltageNominal Voltage: 25.6V

    Cut-off Voltage: 22.4V~ 28.8V

    ChargeStandard Charge: 0.5C(50A)

    Quick Charge: 1C(100A)

    DischargeDischarge Current: 100A
    Weight26± 1Kg
    (L×W × H)




    Operating TemperatureCharge: 0℃ ~50℃;

    Discharge: -20℃ ~60℃;

    Parallel optionsProtection functionSingle over-voltage/under-voltage, charging/discharging over-current, short circuit, temperature
    Cycle life>6000 times
    Protection levelIP20
    Communication typeCAN, RS485, RS232
    Parallel Qnt16 groups (series connection not supported)


    Inverter matching list

    NO.InverterProtocolCommunication Type
    1GoodweGoodwe Communication Protocol-v 1.5CAN
    2PYLONTECHCAN-Bus-protocol-PYLON-v 1.3CAN


    GrowattGrowatt protocol (RS485)RS485
    Growatt BMS CAN-Bus-protocol low voltage-V1.05 –English versionCAN
    4VictronVoltronic Inverter and BMS 485Communication protocolRS485
    5LXPLuxpowertek Battery CAN ProtocolCAN
    6SofarCAN Note rev5CAN
    7DeyeSame as PYLONTECHCAN
    9SermatecSame as PYLONTECHCAN

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