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CALB was established in 2007, located in Luoyang National High-tech Development Zone, Henan Province, with a registered capital of 800 million yuan, covering an area of 575 acres, with more than 1600 employees, including 19 doctors, 205 masters, and 181 undergraduates. The company is fully committed to building a global lithium-ion power battery gold medal supplier with “leading technology, reliable quality, and customer satisfaction”. The company has become a leading professional manufacturer of high-capacity, high-rate, and long-life lithium-ion power batteries in China, and is the core drafting unit of the industry standard.

By 2020, CALB has become one of the top three lithium battery suppliers in China.

Both LYTH and CALB are headquartered in the same city, and there is deep cooperation between the two companies. Whether it’s price or delivery time, we have an unparalleled advantage that can save you a lot of cost and time.

Here are the models we can offer. CALB’s SE and CA series(Plastic shell) will be discontinued soon, and we still have enough stock.

Item Voltage Capacity Dimension(mm) Shell Weight(kgs)
L148N50B 3.65V 50Ah 101×26.66×148.2 Aluminum 0.86
L148N58 3.7V 58Ah 148.24×26.66×105.9 Aluminum 0.926
CAM72 3.2V 72Ah 135x30x220 Aluminum 1.78
CA100 3.2V 100Ah 142x67x216 Plastic 3.3
L160F100 3.2V 100Ah 118.5×49.9×160 Aluminum 2
L173F120 3.2V 120Ah 129.3x48x173.9 Aluminum 2.9
L173F125 3.2V 125Ah 174.4×36.4×178 Aluminum 2.45
L173F163 3.2V 163Ah 173.9×36.4×220 Aluminum 3.19
L173F176 3.2V 176Ah 174×53.7×207 Aluminum 3.9
CA180 3.2V 180Ah 180x71x279 Plastic 5.6
SE200 3.2V 200Ah 182x71x279 Plastic 5.7
L173F230 3.2V 230Ah 174×53.72×207.2 Aluminum 4.17



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