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Customized lithium ion batteries for golf carts and shuttle carts

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Customized lithium ion batteries for golf carts and shuttle carts

March 1, 2024

Customized lithium ion batteries for golf carts and shuttle carts

Golf carts, shuttle carts and other low-speed electric vehicles are small in size, easy to dock, and powered by electricity, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with a comfortable ride and no noise. They are often used in golf courses, airports, parks, hotels and other specific scenarios.

Our company has often received inquiries about golf cart lithium batteries before, and we have customized golf cart lithium batteries for our customers.

Regarding the customization of golf cart lithium batteries, the following components are usually involved: battery case, battery cells and modules, battery management system, relays, fuses, heating pads, DC/DC converter, various plugs and wiring harnesses.

1.Battery Management System


Golf cart batteries can choose to use a protection plate or a battery management system with communication depending on the voltage. Generally the protection plate is sufficient, when the voltage exceeds a certain value or when there are special needs, it is recommended to use a battery management system.

The picture above is the Master-Slave Battery Management System that we have used before when customizing golf carts for our customers. This is a fully functional product with communication capabilities and is often chosen by our customers for use.


A relay is an electrical switch capable of closing or disconnecting in response to an external voltage or current.

On the basis of the protection board, by combining the relay with the protection board, it can realize the linkage protection of lithium battery. It can quickly protect and monitor the lithium battery and improve the service life and safety of the lithium battery. It can avoid the problem of not being able to repair after the failure of the protection board and improve the reliability of the lithium battery.


Fuse is based on the current exceeds the specified value for a period of time, with its own heat to melt the melt, so that the circuit is disconnected; the use of this principle made of a current protector . Fuses are widely used in high and low voltage power distribution systems and control systems and electrical equipment, as a short circuit and overcurrent protector, is one of the most commonly used protection devices.

The fuse in the golf cart battery amounts to a double protection against internal short circuits and excessive external current.

4.DC/DC converter


With the golf cart parked with the switch off, the battery will always be powering the BMS consuming power. With the addition of a DC/DC converter, the BMS can be powered separately and a switch can be set to control the power to the BMS separately. In this way, the battery does not have to supply power to the BMS when parked for a long period of time.

5.Heating pad


Heating pads are used to preheat batteries when working in cold areas. To keep the battery charging and discharging within its optimal operating temperature range. To improve the working efficiency of lithium battery and ensure its service life.

Heating pads are not mandatory and can be used depending on the application scenario. The size of the heating pad can be customized, usually according to the size of the battery module.


These are the common component choices when customizing lithium batteries for golf carts. If you have the need in this area, please contact us, we will provide you with more details. From drawings to finished products, we make it easy for you to realize your ideas.


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