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Daily maintenance of home energy storage batteries

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Daily maintenance of home energy storage batteries

September 6, 2023

Daily maintenance of home energy storage batteries

1. Working condition check. Check whether the terminals and connecting wire joints are loose, etc., to avoid poor contact and increased power loss. Check that the display voltage, current and other parameters are within the normal range to ensure that the charging and discharging work properly.

2. Timely clean-up. Wipe the surface of the equipment with a soft cloth to ensure that the exterior of the energy storage battery is free of dust, and strictly prohibit placing heavy and flammable objects on the surface of the equipment.

3. When the equipment is shut down for a long period of time, it should be switched on and used or charged and discharged every 3 to 6 months to avoid reducing the storage function of the equipment.

4. Waterproofing requirements. The home energy storage battery is a non-waterproof design, care should be taken to prevent liquids from seeping into the interior of the unit and causing short circuits.

5. Avoid violent collisions. There are BMS and lithium ion batteries inside the energy storage system, and violent collision should be avoided during transportation, installation and use.


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