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NMC battery 3.7v 50ah to Australia

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NMC battery 3.7v 50ah to Australia

October 15, 2021

Recently 3.7v 50ah and 58ah NMC battery cells are very hot sale. They are popular with different customers for their high energy density and nimble size, and have achieved good market feedback. For more information about the battery you can click on the following link: 3.7v 50ah, 3.7v 58ah. Currently, there are still a small number of these two batteries in stock and they can be shipped immediately if needed. For large orders, reservations are required 15 days in advance.

The customer from Australia chose the 3.7v 50ah NMC cell this time. The battery cells are packed in cartons with shock absorbing foam pearl cotton. Then put protective sleeves on the terminals. Each carton contains 15pcs NMC battery cells. The thick pearl cotton snaps and wraps the NMC cells tightly to prevent damage caused by shaking and squeezing during transportation. We took photos to our customer before shipping and shipped them after getting his approval. We also wrapped the busbars and screws, sent them out together with the battery cells. The customer chose to ship by sea, which took about 50-60 days.


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