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36v 73ah marine lithium ion battery to USA

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36v 73ah marine lithium ion battery to USA

July 23, 2021

36v 73ah marine lithium ion battery to USA

This 36v 73ah lithium ion battery pack is a custom product. Customer want a smaller battery pack size with the same capacity. So we redesigned the battery pack according to the requirements. The customer was satisfied and ordered 30 sets as a trial order.

This battery pack uses lithium iron phosphate battery cells and Daly smart BMS, which can prevent short circuit, overcharge and over discharge. And it comes with Bluetooth, so you can check the battery pack at any time through your cell phone connection. The battery pack is pure copper for both positive and negative terminals and comes with a white protective cover.

Because the battery is mainly used in ships, we use waterproof case, and the interior is reinforced to prevent the battery from being affected by the bumps during the ship’s operation. The cycle life of the battery is more than 3000 times, in addition, we also provide a five-year warranty.

When shipping, we put the battery packs into two wooden boxes and separate each pack. The goods are shipped by sea and delivered to the customer’s address in the central United States.


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