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Deep cycle 12v 200Ah/230Ah/400Ah/460Ah lifepo4 battery pack

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Deep cycle 12v 200Ah/230Ah/400Ah/460Ah lifepo4 battery pack

June 24, 2021

Deep cycle 12v 200Ah/230Ah/400Ah/460Ah lifepo4 battery pack

Previous customer have purchased 12v/24v 100ah/200ah lifepo4 battery pack from our company. These battery packs are mainly used in RVs. After receiving the goods, the customer is very satisfied. Recently, the customer wanted to purchase another batch of RV batteries. In addition to the last purchased, the customer wanted some larger capacity battery packs with the same dimension.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we have selected cells with higher energy density: Brand new A grade 3.2v 230Ah Square lithium iron phosphate battery cells. First, select the right cells according to the situation and group the cells to maintain the consistency of the cells. Then the cells were rearranged in the original case size, after that welding them with laser welding machine. Compared to the previous way of connecting the cells with screws and conductive strips, laser welding will result in a stronger connection of the cells. Especially when the battery pack is in a turbulent environment, the screws may come loose and fall off, while laser welding does not. It is for this reason that most automotive grade battery packs are connected using laser welding.

We have made several large-capacity RV batteries, 12v series mainly 12v 230ah and 12v 460ah, built-in BMS, with a display on the outer box, you can see the power and voltage information, convenient for timely charging.

In addition to our existing battery pack products, we can also provide customization services for battery packs. Including the style, size and material of the outer case, waterproof rating, battery voltage, capacity, the display on the case, etc.. You can also inform us of your needs and applications and we will provide you with professional advice and total solutions.

After the battery packs are assembled, we will test them, after the test is passed we pack them. This time, we still use wooden box pallet packaging, and each battery pack is separated from each other. We believe that our service and product quality will satisfy our customers and we will keep working together.

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